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Veteran Advisor

American Carnage land

i.e., rural Red State America, being on average older, poorer and sicker than America as a whole, is more dependent on the social safety net and entitlement programs that the proposed GOP budget would cut.

But I tell ya, if we just kill socialism and unleash capitalism, the desert will bloom.

Like Brownbackistan.

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Veteran Advisor

Re: American Carnage land

Although in fairness, they probably won't cut medicare and SS (gut medicaid as much as they can get away with, obviously).

It is just a farm program type game where they try to put the Ds on the defensive defending those programs while they extract more moolah for their oligarchs.

And in the end, they'll claim to have saved them.

The base is either brain dead, nihilistic or both, so anything will fly there. Might be a bit tougher sell to the few percent of voters actually in play.

Veteran Advisor

Re: American Carnage land

And of course they will then claim that the perpetual deficits from those self financing tax cuts aren't their fault.

We tried, folks. Those darn spending crazy dems.