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Citizens of Mississippi

Mississippi has the largest percentage of self described "religious" people.


Anyway, I am sure that it is very bad for business and career for preachers and priests to oppose the egg/personhood initiative.


And I'm sure that it would be uncomfortable and potentially risking ostracism for church members to voice any doubt.


But remember, the preacher or priest isn't in the voting booth with you and you don't have to tell anybody.


And preacher isn't God.


Re: American Taliban working toward Christianaria Law

You don't think religious laws are meant to keep society functioning in an orderly way?
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Re: American Taliban working toward Christianaria Law

1. Could my wife use the carpool lane if she's pregnant, and how would the police be able to tell if she's lying?

2. Would Mississippi declare March 25 as Christmas Day?

3. Could I claim my frozen embryos as tax deductions?

4. Could a landlord or a hotel charge a pregnant woman for double occupancy?

5. If fertilization occurs just before a divorce, could the father get visiting rights or custody of the fetus?

6. Would the conception of a child have to be registered with the state? And would legal conceptions require a witness?

7. If a woman is on an individual health insurance plan, must she switch to family coverage while pregnant to receive prenatal care?

8. Could Mississippi force women of childbearing age to have monthly pregnancy tests during census years?

9. Would I be required to turn my birth control pills over to the state police upon crossing the Mississippi state line?

10. Would you be able to jail a pregnant woman? Would it be okay to keep a person (the fetus) in prison without a fair trial?

11. Would every miscarriage result in a murder investigation? Do we have enough detectives for that?

12. If I have a life-threatening pregnancy, can I get an abortion on the grounds of self-defense? Or would the police content themselves with investigating my subsequent painful death as a murder-suicide?


Re: American Taliban working toward Christianaria Law

That society should function is based on what fact, aren't you trying to prove a belief with a belief. Let's use an example, a genetically similar group of people immigrated to the western hemisphere, killed off a less genetically similar group of people and thrived because of it. They didn't do it out of revenge, on evolutionary terms it was the right and correct thing to do, yes? What truth is there that it was right or wrong?
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We've both been on this forum for many years. i remember a thread from way back when that was about saving your wife or saving your child. You could only save one. Who would you choose?


That was truely an eye opener for me as to how many said they would save their wife over their child. One comment was thet he and his wife could make more kids so he would save his wife.


We are really a throwaway society

Re: American Taliban working toward Christianaria Law

 one scenario that just scares the daylights out of me is an ectopic pregnancy.


Back in my ambulance days the scariest, 120 mph lights and sirens emergency was a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.


That is a fertilized egg, in fact it is potentially beyond that and a fetus. And it is going to kill the mother- and is not that uncommon.


PS, sorry to say this but preacher who is maintaining his moral authority on this matter will be more than happy to do the funeral and talk about God's will.

Re: ebh

Can't recall the discussion.


But I'm supposed to respond that is is my child, right?


And then I'm a good person?



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Re: ebh

No hardknox, you were not who I was posting to. I'm not even sure if you were there then.

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Re: ebh

I was, don't remember the discussion well, but I'm surprised, MOS, that you were surprised at the responces. Why in the world would anyone, allow their grown spouse to die, for a fetus?? It's a little unnerving to say the least!

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Re: ebh

I remember the thread and I may have been the one to which you refer. I am very fortunate in I never being faced with it.


You and I may be as diametrically opposed as any on this site but I think if we had to work together we could accomplish a great many things. You will never change my mind on some things but you have made me stop and examine why. 


Every day we get to see the unintended consequences of what were meant to be laws which would make things better but ended up making them worse.


A Republican her and a Democratic him, they're folks say I'll rather see you dead than one of them. A fight broke out at the wedding feast. And they rode to the funeral on a half-a-horse-apiece...