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An Interesting Comparison in Research.....Obama vs America

In reply to another post, I was making some comparisons of types in characteristics of personality, that end up resulting in cases of tyranny.

In further research, I came up with this eye opener.   See if it isn't fairly accurate in it's comparison.....

Click on this link....  Obama vs. America

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Re: An Interesting Comparison in Research.....Obama vs America

Naw...not Hitler...most apt comparisom would probably be to Harry Truman, leaving  policy to Congress. As Truman's predecessor did


Smarter public back in that day. They knew it was Congress. Sound bite generation wants a dense focal point and the highly personally popular President gets tagged.


We just got off of the most activist administration we've had since sice McKinley, with everything run out of  the Whitehouse. Now people don't see the trasition and presume that the Presdient, or in the case of teh presviou soccupants, the Vice-President still call the policy shots.


2 alternative scenarios to consider..


A) McCain-Kim Kardashian win and the econimic crisis plays out as was destined to in '08. Ya' think Summers and Paulson and Bernake would be gone now? They'd have been augmetned and you know it. Hell, Blalnkfein might be on Treasury staff.


B) Obama-Biden win and they take on immediately a strong populist tenor and right up front hit up the banks on those matters and with the best of the proposals( that are coming from both parties, BTW) to deal with them and they'd have been skewered as economy killers and everything that had happened from 1980 on that has brought us here, right through the repeal of Glass-Stegal and TARP would have been forgotten along with the lessons learned form it.


Those folks in Congress who want action are moving closer to prevailing. What the President's job to do in this is to sign what they send him. That's the Truman way...and to some extent the Reagan way.


Hitler was a political front loader and deck stacker.

Veteran Advisor

Re: An Interesting Comparison in Research.....Obama vs America

Truman.....hmmm.... maybe you have a point.....He was the guy that had the A-Bomb dropped on the heads of hundreds of thousand men, women and children.

Actually, I see the entire playing field being shook clean and starting over again after the November clean-out.



Re: An Interesting Comparison in Research.....Obama vs America

Are you saying that the current administration has thrown away the codes? I suspect that option is still on the table. The Iranian executive branch and hte North Korean dictatorship seem to be baiting it.