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An Optimist

Yep I am an optimist. And optimist is one that is glad he didn't win the powerball last nite because next week he may win $500 million more.


And if you win the powerball I will not be jealous because I think you will be deserving. Why? because you bought the ticket and that is all it takes to qualify.


No I will not be doing a lot of good deeds with my windfall.  I wouldn't want you to have to change your opinion of me. However, I might stop complaining about somebodies internet shopping. I might have to build a terminal to handle all the UPS trucks and FedEx trucks that would be coming this way

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Re: An Optimist

I only play when it gets to the big $100`s of millions as sort of a governor that I don`t play all the time.  I buy numbers for each family member, but if it would hit we all share.  They say next Wednesday it`ll be $1.3 billion and I will absolutely play again, ....but imagine if no one wins then!  Boy oh boy probably $2 billion!   But, next Wednesday it`ll probably be multiple winners, it`s a fun dream for a few days anyway.

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Re: An Optimist

Get it shipped by US post and you will not need a terminal since it takes so long to come.


Have a part ordered for washing machine, shipping from Florida by US Post estimated time to get here........ 15 days


They must still have some ponies that they use.


Re: An Optimist

Post office run by govt. Do the math.