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Re: Good Article

@bruce MN wrote:

It was an interesting read. Thanks for sharing it. She didn't come out and say it, but I will. What is happening is a 'French Revolution ' style 'blowing the lid off of the pressure cooker' reset. 


Oh, the guillotines haven't been set up, but they will, if Trump isn't elected president this fall. We are very close to exploding. Obama went too far, and the RINOs let him do it.  


Jimmy Carter gave us Ronald Reagan, and Obama is giving us Trump. 


You had better hope Trump wins, or the armed militia gangs will be roaming the countryside looking for supplies and loot. 

BA Deere
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Is Bruce waking up?

That was a pretty good article for him to post.  I look at it where the Democrats and establishment GOP are like a evil doctor and a stupid mother that are forcing "medicine" down a sickly child/American people`s throat.   The "medicine" is poison, it`s free trade, open immigration entitlements to infinity.  The sickly child knows this medicine is killing him, he has dark circles under his eyes, he`s imaciated slowing dying after years of being force fed this deadly medicine.  He screams "No mommy medicine bad!  It`s burning me! No mommy I want to go home Please mommy no more bad medicine please mommy nooooo!".


The Doctor Trump bursts into the exam room after hearing the ruckus and says "what the hell is going on here???"  Dr Trump smashes the evil doctor in the mouth flattening him out on the floor.  And says to the mother "you stupid woman don`t you know you`ve be poisoning your child???".   Doctor Trump prompting orders a stomach pump to save the strychnine poisoned life.   We need Doctor Trump!

Re: An authentic conservative view

Perhaps decent observations on the nature of the discontent.


But I have swerious doubt whether deporting 10 million and enacting tarriffs will really put a lot of upward pressure on wages.


Perhaps if you couple them with a big fiscal push- probably not in line with WSJ orthodoxy.

Red Steele
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Re: Is Bruce waking up?

I think I will go on "vacation" for another week and see if one or two more blind mice will open their eyes.


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Re: An authentic conservative view

I've always liked Nooners although it is an impossible task for anyone to establish themselves as a right or left leaning pundit and not leave a trail of fatuousity in their wake.


Tom Friedman is even sort of a centrist and his BS trail is epic.


There just isn't near enough that is new and insightful, just the chore of maintaining a career by preaching to you choir. Or in the case of guys like Tom, coming up with some new Big Idea.

Re: An authentic conservative view

For certain.  This cycle has me really missing Molly Ivins.  And wondering what Ed Murrow would have done covering Trump and Hillary.  He!!, Ed might have been able to save us from Bill.

Re: Good Article

...right out of The Turner Diaries.  Day after the election all systems shut down, right?



Re: An authentic conservative view

Whatcha talkin' 'bout?


The RW line of hostiltiy toward the MSM runs right through CBS News.


First they got Good 'ol Joe, then Dick, then stabbed us in the back on Vietnam.


At least "they" got that SOB Rather, even if the facts of that case remain in dispute.

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Re: Good Article


If the last squirmish is any indication of their might, I think you need to go to basic first


LOL HA HA HA HA Smiley Very Happy