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bruce MN

And here I've been worried about going to He!!

Staying faithful to a woman who to this day I can't believe that I had the fabulous good fortune to have almost literally tripped over. Come to find all I needed to do was convert and confess and life could have been one big nookie party. Again, America's Mayor:
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Re: And here I've been worried about going to He!!

Just more proof of the fact that nobody gets a gold star for doing what you're 'sposed to.


And (just thinking on my own circumstances) to think of yourself as a Good Man can be its own form of vanity. Plenty of Good Folks running around under that impression, whether they're ahead or behind me on the mythical scorecard in heaven.


If I'd happened to have become either wealthy or famous I rather doubt that being a Good Man would have led me away from the greater temptations that might have presented themselves. Only wisdom will do that (the capacity to see yourself accurately, as a fool) and that quality tends to be severely lacking in people who are used to being told how wonderful they are.


There is a lot to be said for the Protestant Ethinc in its true form. Being busy with business and family tends to keep us from temptation, regardless of what earthly treasures we store up.


And as you say, the blessing of a good mate- the thing I would most hope for my kids.