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Veteran Advisor

Another Administration Screw Up

I missed this one, but apparently last week Pence made some comment about the National Parks were going to remain open - and - to sweeten the pot even more - they were going to waive the entrance fees. 

This needs an OMG!!!  Really?!?!  What the heck did this administration think was going to happen?   The report I saw showed several National Park employees that were going to quit, because, of course, they were concerned about exposure to CV19.   Parks were being over run with people!!!  They showed buses packed with people unloading.  

This has to go under the heading, “ Are you stupid or something?” 

Very little surprise, that people bored and with time off would decide to go to the only places that were open.  Apparently, this administration felt that “The wide open spaces” was a great place for people to go, and “get away from it all”.  I personally know a gal, that last week also said she and her husband were heading to Virginia, to spend some time with her sister, since they had some time off.

One more thing - the administration was also going to publish something for guidance for the parks and those using them.  But the administration never produced it.  

Today, I believe they ordered the parks closed.

You just can’t make this stuff up!!!

Our “curve” that we are trying to bend, is the worst in the world.  Many are going to die.

People still think this is a joke.  It didn’t have to be this way....