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Another Minnesotan

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Re: Another Minnesotan

Always insightful analysis from Tommy, but I think he leaves out a few key points.


First, Minnesota has gone extremely conservative in the last few years and using statewide offices as a litmus test leaves out a couple of items. Governor Goofy relied on a three way split, with another alcoholic leading the GOP effort, and barely won with about a third of the vote against two conservatives. If there had been one average republican going against Goofy, we would have a Republican governor.


Two, I cannot explain the success of Amy Klobuchar outside of saying that she is very good at contemporary politics, from knowing how to entice campaign bribes, I mean, donations, to attending virtually every event in small towns that she can. I would not want to run against her organization and financing.


Three, the race against Franken will be a litmus test of sorts if someone of caliber goes up against him. I was hoping it would be TIm Pawlenty, but now I doubt he will leave his high paying current position to enter the fray again. But Franken is definitely someone that can be beat, and we will see what happens there.