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Another guy with a dumb son problem

The POTUS has two but I'm told that little whatshisname is a genius- different mom, I guess.


I'm referring to Billy Graham, whose son swung in hard behind Moore.


I don't expect deadenders to recognize the seismic nature of what has just occurred in terms of the future for "Christianity" and the GOP. Who, me worry?


As per Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow and his Religious Freedom Foundation, for the winger/thumper nexus, destroying the mainstream Christian churches isn't a bug, it is a feature. The hostages in their cults will mostly remain in thrall and there will always be others to be captured. But the role of the traditional churches in our civic fabric is inimical to their ends.



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Re: Another guy with a dumb son problem

Republicans think they dodged a bullet here.


Among the demo that will soon dominate our politics their brand is poison.


Which makes the desperate effort to burn down the country over the next 11 months entirely logical.