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Senior Contributor

Another hole in the S.S. Democratic

Hurry "Bob" grab the duct tape!

RJ report over the loud speaker that you inspected for yourself there isnt a hole......then when the passengers shoes are wet, you can report that you dont care about holes and wouldnt waste your time looking!

Go D team!
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Re: Another hole in the S.S. Democratic

Suprosed to learn that you are from the state of Virginia.
Senior Contributor

Re: Another hole in the S.S. Democratic

It’s VA.  Dems have told them to step down. 


Oh, hey........ Maxine Waters called and says you should check you rw diatribes and feeder sites, the ethic charges link you put up the other day was past due.....  she has been cleared. That was old news.


stay over at ,  where you can be brilliant....... here,  meh....


I’ll leave it here, frankly I find you boring and predictable.