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Another one bites the dust

Seems to be a shortage of qualified people to fill all the vacancies in your government.


Read an article about the lack of qualifications of this nominee a few days ago.

The article thought the only qualification he had was that your dear leader liked him. Pointed out that previous leaders also like him.


I see you dear leader is blaming the Democrats but I thought the republicans had the majority in both houses...........


White House doctor Ronny Jackson has withdrawn as nominee to lead the department of Veterans Affairs amid a series of misconduct allegations.


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Re: Another one bites the dust

He was a terrible pick-right from the git-go.
Yeah, he blames the Dems because it’s never his fault....
Many of the spots won’t get filled by the liar/crook-because hopefully he’s removed from office in the coming months.
On another topic, I guess the world didn’t end on 4/24 like was discussed earlier.
Maybe “the gods” had a meeting and decided it wasn’t time yet, or maybe they are waiting to see what happens in DC.
Hope ol’ bible thumpin’ Rodgers doesn’t damn me to eternal hell for blasphemy!
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Re: Another one bites the dust

Don't worry about ole bible thumping Rodgers!! He can't save himself! He thinks he can, but he can't. LOL!!

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Re: Another one bites the dust

What planet are you from?