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Antifastan security kills black

Where is the outrage? Where are the protest? Where is black lives matter? Oh there they are. Standing over the black life they just snuffed out. Will this antifastan security officers who just snuffed out the life of a black man be put on administrative leave or will Ze be given a pay raise..


Surveillance video of a shooting at Seattle's CHOP zone that left a black 16-year-old boy dead and a 14-year-old seriously injured shows gunfire ringing out as the Jeep the teens were in plowed into a barricade and a man screaming: 'Oh you're not dead yet?'.

Homicide detectives said they are investigating after the two teenagers were shot in a white Jeep near a makeshift barrier around the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone at about 3am on Monday.

Those inside the zone say CHOP security guards, who are self-appointed and heavily armed, started shooting at the Jeep only after the teens opened fire on them and drove into a barricade.

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Re: Antifastan security kills black

533 people shot in Chicago this month.  Where is the blm protest?