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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Any of you Dems gonna support Jim Webb?

Webb is at least a fresh Dem face on the national scene.  He isn`t the hard core left that we have been seeing.  Hillary would maybe defeat him in the primary, however if her health or Benghazi TKOs her...Mr Webb may find himself as the Democrat front runner, that is if he throws his hat in the ring. 

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Re: Any of you Dems gonna support Jim Webb?

Any given elected official could only possibly do just so much harm.  The singular good and evil that arises of outstanding politics is not a key concern.  It was rarely so much damage.

Re: Any of you Dems gonna support Jim Webb?

Big Webb fan here any non-Clinton/shumer/Fienstien boomer that sticks his or her head out gets my attention. I'd crawl across broken glass for a resurrection of Gary Hart. Webb? Hell yeah. . Webb Biden Fiengold Hart Warren in any combination on a ticket fine with me.
BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Any of you Dems gonna support Jim Webb?

I was thinking about this just yesterday, if you guys had a more centerist Democrat as president, perhaps it would have been much better for the country.  Obama got about 50 years worth of change, within  1 1/2 terms, the cost of that rapid change has generated hate from many of us that the country needs and sloppy laws (Obamacare) that we hate and I`m sure that you liberals aren`t pleased with.


The argument can be made that unless ram-rodded in a partisan manner, it "wouldn`t have gotten done" ...however at what cost?  The country is probably more divided than at the Civil War.  i guess shouldn`t a president at his or her inaugeration turn to the crowd and say "I am no longer a democrat/republican, I am your president at YOUR service.   I`ve made a phone call to the political party that brought me here telling them I`m no longer taking their phone calls.  From now on I`m only taking the phone calls from my employers....the American people!".


Perhaps the country has moved on and on the national stage politicans can openly be partisan and that will be fine with the people. Time`ll tell.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Sounds like McFadden

BA, you must have caught one of McFaddens radio ads, the MN businessman that is running hard to get the clown (Al Franken) out of the senate and back to writing those horsesheet books and doing his clown act on TV.


McFadden has a pledge to Minnesota that if he blindly supports a political party like Franken has (97% voting with Obama) that he will not even run again for re-election.


The guy is running quite a campaign, he has people that voted for the actual clown laughing at Franken. I know its always an uphill battle against the power of an incumbent, but the Irishman is running a good , hard hitting campaign, and all we need now is for Barry to come to MN and campaign for little Al. Michelle could come , too, and butcher his name for a good youtube video. hahaha. Won't you come home Bill Bailey, won't you come home? 


He grabbed the line "getting the country back on track" in the last ad I listened to, which should resonate well with all of us latent racists. You know that is the reason why 70% of Americans believe that the country is off the rails....bunch of teabagger racists. That's got to be it.

Re: Sounds like McFadden

Aaah...the 70% is approval of Congress, where Republican vastly outnumber Democrats.  The "wrong direction" thing is around 40%...essentially where it always is and has been.

I like Mr Webb.

Never happen though...


the monied interests will get us a Dem bozo and the Repubs will do the same.


Then we all get to hold our nose and vote for who we think stinks the least.