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Any questions left now?

Obama was a Rookie to, when he took office, 45 just proved he wasn't even that good! LOSER!


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Veteran Advisor

Re: Any questions left now?

All those things....maybe he'll soon be the unpresident, because he certainly was, and continues to be unpresidential.  We knew - I wish more of America had woken up to that fact.


Tick Tock.....BONG!!!!!




Reminded me of this:  The Uncola man


Re: Any questions left now?

No Prez in recent times has had such a yuuge legislative fail so early in his term.


Of course what did anyone expect from a Reality TV/Pro Rasslin' star who's been bankrupt 6 times.

Re: Any questions left now?

winning ! So much winning that people will get tired of winning !


oops , maybe he meant whining, so much that people will get tired of whining !   I'm there already.