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Anybody hear Krugman

on NPR On Point this evening?


Actually, I think the local show may be a rebroadcast of a day program, but anyway.


The really interesting thing to me was with the limited call in format.

at one point the host felt it necessary to remind a moderately abusive caller that the guest was a Nobel prize winner in economics. The guest replied, "yeah, like Obama's Peace Prize."


Gotta love it. Get yer guns and prepare to die.


We're about to be ruled by a bunch of Palinite Gun Fetishists.


 Have a Nice Day, h

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Senior Advisor

Re: Anybody hear Krugman

And what are we ruled by now?

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Anybody hear Krugman

On the Jake Tapper Sunday morning show Kugerman said the $800 billion wasn`t enough stimuli, "should have spent more". Don`t fret about us gun toters, we`re here to protect you from these clowns.


Re: Anybody hear Krugman

Nah, you'll be lucky to protect yourself if you succeed in bringing the system down.


I'm fine with people having guns and being guaranteed to their right to have them.


Beyond that fail to see much significance whatsoever to much of anything other than a borderline pathological fixation on the part of some.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Anybody hear Krugman

I was never really able to put a handle on where you were coming from until some other poster branded you as a "statist", and that has helped to understand your posts.


You are the type that would have sided with the Crown in 1776 and opposed any attempt to create a legitimate government based on the rights of free men to determine their own destinies.


Not that this makes you a bad guy or anything, it just helps to understand why you would support the ultimate government guy, Obama, and ridicule the opposition.


I think Krugman does have every right to his Nobel prize, just as much as Obama does. The caller really nailed that one. Both are ivory tower types that would have a hard time functioning in the wild.


And , just for the record one more time, opposition to Obama, Biden, Reid, Pepsicola, and the rest of those socialists, does not translate automatically to support for Pain.


Re: Anybody hear Krugman

I am, in fact,  committed to defending the US Constitution.


Many here are not because they cling to a perverted interpretation of the constiitution based on extreme romantic primativism (that puts themselves at the center of the universe).


As I've said before, many of you boyz must gaze in the mirror and see a noble gent with a powdered wig and breeches.