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bruce MN

Anybody know a good IT guy?

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Re: Anybody know a good IT guy?

I don't work for the government, obviously, yet I do use Kaspersky and have no complaints, think I'm on my 3rd 3-year subscription, maybe 4th. Seriously doubt I have anything on my computer that would be of interest to the Russians anyway, but suspect that much of the anti-Kaspersky hype is overblown.


Before Kaspersky, I used McAfee, and when I made the switch I quickly decided that Kaspersky was a superior product.  Also, had trouble getting rid of all the McAfee links, still find one once in awhile.


Still, for government computers, they should be using a product with -0- links of any kind to a foreign entity, if such a product truly exists.

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Re: Anybody know a good IT guy?

There are probably agencies within the US government that aren't happy that their snooping is being blocked by the Kaspersky antivirus antimalware  software.

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Re: Anybody know a good IT guy?

I asked my brother to look at your thread. He read the link. He said that most of it is b---s---.  Most of the attacks that he gets is from non-Russian sources. He has developed systems to detect almost all attempts to hack his domains. I won't say what they are. 


The Russian hackers that do most of the Russian hacking are mostly independent operations looking to scrounge a living by selling information to willing buyers. The Ukrainian hackers do the same thing. 


You would be amazed to learn how much hacking our own Deep State does.