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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Anyone catch 60 Minutes?

I watched while on elliptical machine halfway between Ratzenberger interview and the Angus King interview.  I missed the old cunny Pelosi interview and won`t be wasting time watching her.  But the Ratzenberger deal, 60 Minutes has the whole tape of the infamous suitcase triple counting deal.  Well, why in thee h e l l  didn`t they come forward with this tape one riot and 2 dead people ago????    You reckon this was planned to suppress it, for this exact outcome?

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Anyone catch 60 Minutes?

You lying piece of sh-t.   So you’re trying to tell me, that your cult only had parts of that tape? Right.   You Bass Tards took the media of what happened at that counting center, and used it for propaganda the LAST 2 plus MONTHS to show how your Bass Tard was cheated out of the election.

And now, you throw up your hands, and go “See - they were keeping this whole video from us.   This was a set up to trap us into saying the election was stolen. We are the wronged here!!!”

Oh My God!!!!   So now, you’re telling me, you believe that a Trump actually lost, fair and square?   You’re telling me, it was all just a big mistake on the part of Trump and his handlers NOT having all the information?   Oh, you are such a FKNG LIAR!!!

Now that you’re GREAT LEADER, his family members, and his greatest supporters are in DEEP SH-T, now it’s - oh - I guess we just made a mistake - it was the Democrats fault because they didn’t show us the whole film.

YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR BA!!!!   Who do you think you are going to fool with this piece of crap.   It’s akin to your Bass Tard Trump, after people were killed at the Capital, coming on air, with a gun to his head, saying it would be a smooth transition to a new president, and his 90 frat boys should go home now - and we love you.

Pardon me - I have to go throw up......



bruce MN

Re: Anyone catch 60 Minutes?

So you didn’t have the sound on while on the machine?

A special point was made that the Dennison team HAD the entire video but chose to go ahead with the snipped out of context ad nonetheless.

You’re not going to go all Republican Senator and make sappy statements of repentance, are you?

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Anyone catch 60 Minutes?

Bruce, I heard "Dennison had the whole tape" for the first time last night.  My question is instead of "58-1 blah blah blah" of courts not taking the case, why didn`t the MEDIA show the whole tape????  They sure had it.  

Dennison doesn`t appear to be lily white in all this, but the "Suitcases" is only ONE of the problems I have with the election.   Mail in ballot are the biggy, I don`t care if mail in ballots were put in suitcases or "official drop boxes" that is where the potential fraud occurred.   And this count, count and re-count of fraudulent mail-in ballots and acting smug "well, looks like Biden won the third time! Har Har Har" doesn`t prove a damned thing.   In Georgia, Ratzenberger said they counted by hand and the hand count matched within .00000000000000000000000000002 of the Dominion machines...well that`s good enough for me and Dennison should`ve dropped that part of his complaint.

His re-election campaign was lost potentially with the mail in ballots where the "perfect murder" could and probably was committed ....but no one is forthcoming about that, are they?

Senior Contributor

Re: Anyone catch 60 Minutes?

The pics of hunter's pedophilia are starting to float around, Dr BA.  Do you suppose 60 minutes will be asking the FBI why, having had this evidence for over a year, they never acted.  

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Anyone catch 60 Minutes?

Hey Dr Sam, you and I know the answer to that  Smiley Happy     60 Minutes is good, but they selectively release their "Bombshells!".

Ask Sharyl Attkisson 

Ask Laura Logan, don`t go against "Cackle" Clinton`s narrative of Benghazi


Former “60 Minutes” correspondent Lara Logan has filed a $25 million defamation suit against New York Media and writer Joe Hagan for a story that ran in New York magazine in 2014 titled “Benghazi and the Bombshell.”

The story concerned a report by Logan in 2013 on "60 Minutes" about the 2012 attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans were killed in the attack, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. 

The report was retracted one month after it aired after it was determined that a key interview in the story included false information. 

“The headline reference to ‘Bombshell’ was both sexist, insulting and defamatory at the same time,” Logan's lawsuit states. It refers to the story as the "Hagan Hit Piece."
The lawsuit contends that the story ended up costing Logan financially and that it portrayed her in a misleading light.
“The word was intended to portray Logan as a dangerous and untouchable and incendiary reporter," the lawsuit states.
Logan also charges that Hagan's piece included several false statements. Hagan referred to a "groping" of Logan while the reporter was on assignment in Egypt; Logan said she was the victim of a gang rape.
Logan's report included an interview with British security contractor Dylan Davies, who provided misleading statements about his actions on the night of the attack on Sept. 11, 2012. Davies's book, "The Embassy House," had provided the same false account of his actions during the attack. Simon & Schuster, which is owned by CBS Corp., recalled the book as a result.  
Weeks after the story aired, Logan apologized publicly on "CBS This Morning" for the “mistake” regarding Davies's account being included in the piece, but noted that the essential parts of the report remained true.  
Hagan's story that ran seven months after the story's original airing came as Logan was rebuilding her reputation internally at "60 Minutes." 
“The plan for Logan’s return to ‘60 Minutes’ was entirely and completely derailed after publication of the Hagan Hit Piece,” the suit claims. 

Logan’s compensation at the time the Hagan piece ran was $2.15 million. Her next contract was reduced to $750,000 as only a part-time correspondent. 
“But for the Hagan Hit Piece, Logan would have earned more than $2,150,000 per year as a '60 Minutes' correspondent,” the suit claims. “She was young and extremely talented. She expected to work for CBS indefinitely.”

Hagan has since moved to Vanity Fair, but New York Media says it is standing by the story. 
“The New York Magazine article was thoroughly vetted and fact-checked, and we stand by our reporting,” a New York Media spokeswoman said in a statement provided to The Hill on Friday. 

The Hill has reached out to Hagan for comment. 
Logan, 48, recently signed with Fox News's streaming service, Fox Nation, to host a docu-series that will include her reporting "from the front lines of America’s political and ideological war zones and dive into a number of hot-button issues with on-the-ground coverage and expert interviews," according to a network announcement in November. 
Senior Advisor

Re: Anyone catch 60 Minutes?

I thought it was interesting that Leslie Stahl hit Pelosi with a whoppin' bothersideser- saying maybe people have a right to be angry over the dysfunction that failed to deliver pandemic relief.

Pelosi seemd caught off guard and handled it poorly.

For the record, the House passed a bill many months ago and begged the Senate for a counter offer- all they got were vague objections. Mitch didn't let anything move forward until he needed to try to buy the GA Senate elections.

Trump titted him on that, although it looks like the the $2K isn;t going to happen anyway.