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Anyone else "love" commencement exercizes

We went to UCO yesterday for the graduation of our grandaughter in the field of nursing. Love to acknowledge her accomplishments and give her the plaudets she deserves. But 4 hours of meaningless blather?


The head guy opens his remarks mentioned that this was a celebration of the graduates and not about faculty or stave. Then he turns on a dime and extolls the wondrs of all the great educators that serve at the university. My future grand son in law graduated magna **bleep** laude and got about a 2 second acknowlegement.


When anoither grand daughter and grandson graduated from Broken Arrow High they each had a thousand classmates. It takes a while to pass out a thousand diplomas. There was about 400 diplomas handed out yesterday and I hope they will find jobs.


How many more torturous events must I sit through! Maybe I will be lucky and some of them flunk out.

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Re: Anyone else "love" commencement exercizes

it's not for the graduating students--it's for the school or univ. so they can publicly say how great they are

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Re: Anyone else "love" commencement exercizes

I'm with you guys.  I could never understand, how they run the kids across the stage, as fast as they can, like running cattle through a chute, for time considerations, but let some long winded blather go on, that no one cares about, or listens to.  I once went to a graduation at UNK, where the guest speaker went on for over 45 minutes (just the one speaker, on top of everyone else), people were leaving, going to the bathroom, asking someone else to call or text them, when the actual graduation part was going to start.

Re: Anyone else "love" commencement exercizes

My mother and dad were married during winter break of her senior year of college (my oldest brother was born 9 1/2 months later) and she finished school as a married woman.


After the graduation ceremony she asked my Dad how he liked the ceremony and he said it was just dandy. She said, that's interesting you say that because my friend saw you sitting at the Tri-Chi (Triple X drive in, a Purdue landmark) during it listening to the Cubs game on the radio.


They had a good long marriage but I don't think she ever got entirely used to his perverse attitude toward stuff like that.