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Anyone going to watch the game?

Junior hockey in Buffalo finishes today.

Anyone going to watch either or both games?

If I can stay awake this evening, been blowing snow since 3am, I will try to watchat least some of the gold medal game.

Don't usually watch much sports but maybe this one.

Claim here was that 60% or more of the crowd the other night was 'a home town crowd in a foreign arena' as lots of Canadians crossed the border to see the game.

Comments are that 80% will be Canadian for tonights game.

Looked like 60% red sweaters in the seats the other night.

Could be a couple good games today.

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bruce MN
Veteran Advisor

Re: Anyone going to watch the game?

Just saw in the Minneapolis paper that your boys got upset by the  Russians.  I miss live hockey. Haven't been to a NHL game since the North Stars left for Dallas. Try to catch a college game now and then.  We have a neice who played in the very early years of H.S. girls hockey here in MN. That was some brutal hockey. She played defense even though  she couldn't skate backwards...and yet her team made it to the state tournamnet.