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Anyone physically attend church today?

Just wondering if your faith is so strong that you are willing to play Russian Roulette with themselves or their neighbors.

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Re: Anyone physically attend church today?

  •  On the first Easter, when Christ arose from the tomb, as he said that he would, there was no large church services.  The Holy Spirit lives in the hearts of His Own. 


Romans 8:38-39 New International Version (NIV)

38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


BA Deere
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Re: Anyone physically attend church today?

I don`t go to Church unless I`m usher or Deacon and April wasn`t my month   🙂  

But, we really should celebrate Passover as Jesus did.  "Easter" has some pagan origins. 



Easter as a celebration of the Goddess of Spring

A related perspective is that, rather than being a representation of the story of Ishtar, Easter was originally a celebration of Eostre, goddess of Spring, otherwise known as Ostara, Austra, and Eastre. One of the most revered aspects of Ostara for both ancient and modern observers is a spirit of renewal.

Celebrated at Spring Equinox on March 21, Ostara marks the day when light is equal to darkness, and will continue to grow. As the bringer of light after a long dark winter, the goddess was often depicted with the hare, an animal that represents the arrival of spring as well as the fertility of the season.

According to Jacob Grimm’s Deutsche Mythologie, the idea of resurrection was ingrained within the celebration of Ostara: “Ostara, Eástre seems therefore to have been the divinity of the radiant dawn, of upspringing light, a spectacle that brings joy and blessing, whose meaning could be easily adapted by the resurrection-day of the christian’s God.”

Most analyses of the origin of the word ‘Easter’ agree that it was named after Eostre, an ancient word meaning ‘spring’, though many European languages use one form or another of the Latin name for Easter, Pascha, which is derived from the Hebrew Pesach, meaning Passover.

Easter and Its Connection to Passover

Easter is associated with the Jewish festival of Passover through its symbolism and meaning, as well as its position in the calendar.

Some early Christians chose to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on the same date as Passover, which reflects Easter having entered Christianity during its earliest Jewish period. Evidence of a more developed Christian festival of Easter emerged around the mid-second century.

In 325 AD, Emperor Constantine convened a meeting of Christian leaders to resolve important disputes at the Council of Nicaea. Since the church believed that the resurrection took place on a Sunday, the Council determined that Easter should always fall on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox. Easter has since remained without a fixed date but proximate to the full moon, which coincided with the start of Passover.

While there are distinct differences between the celebrations of Pesach and Easter, both festivals celebrate rebirth – in Christianity through the resurrection of Jesus, and in Jewish traditions through the liberation of the Israelites from slavery.

bruce MN

Re: Anyone physically attend church today?

Didn’t but just finished streaming 2 services. The one here that we attend with one of our daughters and her family and the one “back home”. 

Got to hear my baby (50 something) Sister play the organ. Pleased that the Church streams  those, as our 92 year old Mother who is alone in her apartment and only gotten  to see any of the family out on the yard through her window got to see and hear it all as well.

Hard day. Been doing OK, but this is a tough one. There should have been over 50 of us at our niece’s  home.

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Re: Anyone physically attend church today?

Celebrated the Easter vigil last night at 9:00 PM watching the live stream from the safety and comfort of our living room. The event where Jesus fulfilled the Scripture by becoming our Sacrificial Easter Passover Lamb. It is His Blood on the lintel and doorpost of our hearts that protects us from certain death and gives us safe passage to the Promise Land of Eternal Heaven.

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Re: Anyone physically attend church today?

Yes....but I help make the streaming possible.


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Re: Anyone physically attend church today?

I think most have more 'faith' in what the medical people have been telling us than in any of the gods.

News here was showing how even the Pope only had a few there priests at his service and it looked like they were staying well apart too.

It is good to know that people know what to trust and what not to trust.

Staying home will shorten and lessen the misery around the world.

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Re: Anyone physically attend church today?

(I think most have more 'faith' in what the medical people have been telling us than in any of the gods.     It is good to know that people know what to trust and what not to trust.)

Yea, because no one has ever missed church when they were ill or sick until this year of CV.


Re: Anyone physically attend church today?

A believer who seeks God's will for his life tries to live as God teaches through the Bible. And what God teaches us is to forgive, to yield, not to seek one's selfishness, to take care of others, certainly not to steal, not to cheat, not to divorce, to respect one's parents. Indeed, if a person puts these teachings of God into practice, he lives happier. For example, believers live more peacefully in their marriages. For unbelievers, every other marriage ends in divorce. For example, my family and I always try to go to church, and it is like our family tradition, which brings our family together and makes it even closer.