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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Apparently it`s ok to murder someone fleeing the police.

SCOTUS just ruled that the police can now be judge, jury and executioner...and flat out murder someone that runs away from them, even if they are unarmed. 


I caught part of an episode of "Adam-12" know, the show where the cop`s duty was to "Protect and Serve"?    On that episode the cops took into custedy a guy that they calmly talked out of a gun that he was holding on them and put the cuffs on him.  Contrast that to today`s cop shows, where the cops are big burly linebackers, dressed like Darth Vader..about 6 of them jump on one 145lb unarmed perp and pound him into the ground.  I understand.."oh that`s just tv shows" however real life footage of cops in action shows the exact same thing.


So, I guess if you are hard of hearing and don`t hear the cops yelling "Halt!" that is a capital offense, you are liable to have a 20 round magazine emptied into your back.