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Re: Are You Ready BA

Her masters told her to stay she stays mad.

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Re: Are You Ready BA

Let her stroke out. Her and Krafty can have coffee and catch up on the liberal stuff.

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Re: Are You Ready BA


@Packard27 wrote:


Way too much anger, girl! 

You won. The liar (fascist, racist, bigot, philanderer, misogynist, traitor, crazy, evil, anti Semite, zenophobe, and science denier) Trump will soon be gone and Joe Biden will be POTUS come this Wednesday afternoon. 

It is what you have wanted since Hillary lost in 2016, right? Why not pause a moment to celebrate and enjoy your good fortune? Why such bitterness?

Winning is not the point.   I have said all along, I’m don’t give a hoot about politics.   I have also said, that the election in 2016 changed me.   And, not for the better.

Do I hate Trump?   Oh, with a passion.   And, his supporters are not far behind.

There are lies that presidents tell, and then there is a president, that is just a liar.   Basically, he won the election by telling people what they wanted to hear.   He was never properly vetted to be president.   And he didn’t have a clue what he was doing.  

“Oh, but he was such a great businessman!”   He is nothing more than the con man he was advertised as.  And now, he HAS committed a crime that resulted in the death of 5 people.  He’s NOT above the law, no matter what he thinks.  

I personally want to make sure that he, nor ANY of his crime syndicate family, are able to run for so much as dog catcher.   And I hope to see the day, that Donny Boy, JR., Erik, and Rudy, along with others, stand trial for what they incited, and ultimately happened at the Capital.  

And BA, your answer IS what I expected from you - the BA two step - more for you later.

Trump, and his crime syndicate family, are all Bass Tards.   And if you haven’t looked up the definition of Bass Tard, I can tell you, fits Trump and his crime syndicate family very well.


Senior Advisor

Re: Are You Ready BA

"Hate kills the brain" - Tony Katz 2020.


You are living proof. You can say nothing unless it is fed to you by your masters.