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bruce MN

Are the press sources you right wingers and...

...Trumpsters reporting on the AP interview transcript that is flooding "the internets"?
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Re: Are the press sources you right wingers and...

I managed to get about half way through it and gave up. It was nearly incomprehensible.
Veteran Advisor

Re: Are the press sources you right wingers and...

I've said that before. When you read the transcript of ANYTHING our so called president has said, you really begin to realize how dreadfully awful ANYTHING he says is. I swear, the man only has a vocabulary of a thousand words, he uses them over and over, repeating them over and over, mixed in with other words that when read, really don't make much sense.

But to his followers, his Trump Speak is as precious as if Jesus himself had said it. They can understand his jibberish - and think it's funny that the rest of us that have some education have issues with Trump Speak.

I hate to listen to the man. Always have. His presentations where he reads from the TelePrompTer always get me to turn the channel, or as BA likes to say, "Go take a *****."

He simply is not worth listening to. Stay in your office, signing EO's and get someone else to read for you.

Tick Tick....BONGx2!!!!