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Make it a good one

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An you can be sure .....

You can be sure those campers will take it home and infect their families and communities.

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Re: An you can be sure .....

Church conference suspending camping program for another year.

But what you’d expect from those dang mainstream liberal denominations that ain’t hardly Christian at all.

Re: An you can be sure .....

We don't know yet if we should send them to Summer Camp or not. We have three kids, two boys, and a girl. The boys really want to go while my little girl prefers staying at home. I don't want to force her there, but I also can't let her spend half of the summer alone. My husband and I were thinking of taking them camping. We had seen a review on about a fantastic spot near us. Perhaps this will give both the kids and us the time to decide. We really want them to meet new people and have fun this summer.

Re: Are your kids going to Summer camp?

My son goes to summer camp every summer on his own. He loves to go out of town because he likes quiet. And, of course, he like places with no school and large crowds, haha. By the way, my son also loves camping. When he's at that summer camp, he periodically goes camping. And he then shares his impressions with me, which are usually positive. I even bought him a tactical flashlight from Amazon this year -- to make him feel safer and more comfortable at night.