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Gets 39.86% of their revenues from the Federal government:



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Re: Arkansas

Because the federal government steals 100% of the states unconstitutional individual income taxes.  Which was nonexistent prior to the federal reserve.  

We've fought a few wars over the banksters central bank scheme.  Somehow I think throwing off the central bank this time sticks...😉


How's your two weeks to success in Ukraine going Numbnuts?  😂😂😂

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Re: Arkansas

Bruce, what % of your yearly income comes from the federal government?

Bingo, I think we have someone that understands the problems going forward!

Great work!

Re: Arkansas

None that I know of, other than some COVID $ a couple of years ago that everybody got.  I get a SS check every month but that’s my account.

Am I missing something?

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Re: Arkansas

you got your own private SS account? wow

learn something new every day

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Re: Arkansas

BruceQ's -As long as I am your governor- tweet:

As long as I am your governor, I will request that the meddling of big government to creep down from Washington DC, I will demand & accept DC big Government to rule with an iron fist over my state.  I want Washington DC to have total control of my state, I want DC to implement whatever mandate they desire on my state, I want the citizens of my state to live cradle to grave off of Washington DC. 

I know I know, bruceQ couldn't get elected dog-catcher in nowhere USA.

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Re: Arkansas

Edmund, actually Bruce is pretty mainstream with the voting apparatus here in Minnesota, where two counties....Ramsey and Hennepin...somehow "get" 90 percent of the breathing bodies to "vote woke" and over ride the 90 percent out state that detests them. 

It won't be over until those urban areas get to be their own "woke" states, and sanity returns to the broader areas of the USA.

Tim Walz, Governor...Born in Nebraska, son of a "community organizer" (see Barack Obama), three years of indoctrination in China

Keith Ellison, Attorney General, and former tax deadbeat (guess who else is a deadbeat, btw), also wife and girlfriend beater, according to published testimony. Chief law enforcement official. I think he was birthed in Detroit Michigan. Definitely not a native here.

Tina Smith, US Senator......Also carpetbagger from another state. Former tri-state director of abortion clinics. Also admitted to clinical depression and treatment. Guess those dead babies crying out in the night bother her?

Ms. Senator....anyone ever see Mr. Ed the talking horse and Ms. Amy in the same room? Sorry, that was mean. But, not as mean as she is, according to her staffers. Wild high school years, and reformed critic of SCOTUS justice Kavanaugh for drinking a few fraternity beers. 

We have quite a crew here in MN. Bruce would be to the right of them.

Re: Arkansas

They send me statements regularly. I can look up my account status on line. 

No different than our numerous other accounts. 

You live another half dozen years or so and you can sign up for withdrawals. If you wish. 

Re: Arkansas

Red and I get along pretty well in our bottom 5 recipient state.


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Re: "Unconstitutional individual income taxes"?

Hey gerbil head, ever hear of the 16th Amendment?  Income tax is plenty Constitutional.

The Congress shall have  power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.