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Re: Huckabee, DeSantis, etc. they're all the same,

Campaigning for president by running against the "big bad old government" by appealing to the anarchist fringe.

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Re: "Unconstitutional individual income taxes"?

Bruce, if you indeed have an account with money in it, just try asking for a lump sum withdrawal sometime. 😃

Close to half of the check I write out this year to pay federal income taxes is earmarked "social security" but I don't look at it as something that goes into a retirement is current taxation.

One of your idols....LBJ....tapped the money a long time ago and spent it on one of those progressive wars of choice.

All the other fools since then have followed up and done the same.

No money there...sorry.

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Re: "Unconstitutional individual income taxes"?

I’m perplexed as to why you knuckleheads even continue to argue this.

But you do all live in a very, very scary make believe world.

Re: "Unconstitutional individual income taxes"?

The checks always go through but I heard somewhere that there is a handful of folks in DC working on putting a stop to that *****. 

Re: "Unconstitutional individual income taxes"?

What did the song say “They’ve found a place to live”?

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Re: "Scary make believe world",

... The lunatic fringe here really is "unbelievable"!

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Re: Arkansas

@rsbs wrote:

Edmund, actually Bruce is pretty mainstream with the voting apparatus here in Minnesota, where two counties....Ramsey and Hennepin...somehow "get" 90 percent of the breathing bodies to "vote woke" and over ride the 90 percent out state that detests them. 

It won't be over until those urban areas get to be their own "woke" states, and sanity returns to the broader areas of the USA.

Tim Walz, Governor...Born in Nebraska, son of a "community organizer" (see Barack Obama), three years of indoctrination in China

Keith Ellison, Attorney General, and former tax deadbeat (guess who else is a deadbeat, btw), also wife and girlfriend beater, according to published testimony. Chief law enforcement official. I think he was birthed in Detroit Michigan. Definitely not a native here.

Tina Smith, US Senator......Also carpetbagger from another state. Former tri-state director of abortion clinics. Also admitted to clinical depression and treatment. Guess those dead babies crying out in the night bother her?

Ms. Senator....anyone ever see Mr. Ed the talking horse and Ms. Amy in the same room? Sorry, that was mean. But, not as mean as she is, according to her staffers. Wild high school years, and reformed critic of SCOTUS justice Kavanaugh for drinking a few fraternity beers. 

We have quite a crew here in MN. Bruce would be to the right of them.

Democrat Minnesota Lawmaker Wants Menstrual Products in Boys Bathrooms in Every School (VIDEO)

Im assuming this would be a fruitcake hero of "Bruce" to add to the other clowns you listed above

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I'd like to know where you got that 39.86% figure because I couldn't find it anywhere. I can find per-capita figures. Here are some Arkansas statistics. We have a lot of poor people and old people. Agriculture and Tourism are some of our largest businesses. I've lived in Arkansas since 1983.

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Re: Arkies

Thanks! I'm sure its somewhere in the 2016 document.