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Article about that WALL

Here is an article about the 'wall' with several charts and more info.

I see that more Canadians stay in your country beyond what is legal so I guess a wall would be required on the northern border too.


Canadians were the highest group of overstayers, according to DHS figures, followed by Mexicans and Brazilians.

Although the number of overstayers overall dropped to around 420,000 in May 2018 - it was still more than the number of people arrested trying to enter illegally via the Mexico-US border.

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Re: Article about that WALL

Wrong Canuck. The Canadians came here legally. They were vetted and granted entry. Those who sneak across the border are far more likely to include violent criminals carrying illegal drugs. The Canadians just prove the need for more ICE agents to deport the lawbreakers back to their own country. Guess they must hate their home if they want to stay.

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Re: Article about that WALL

Those coming here illegally, and those who came here legally but stayed illegally, are quite different scenarios.  The wall/fence would be to encourage those coming here, to do so legally, or at least at authorized locations where they can be dealt with efficiently.  When you're moving cattle from one pasture to another, do you just take down the fence and let them go will-nilly across the neighbors toward their destination, or do you funnel them to an acceptable pathway to be driven or loaded for transport?

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Re: Article about that WALL

When I was in Florida I encountered a lot of Canadians.  I was always disappointed that they knew so much more about the United States than local people.  Nice group in general and I suspect they were the ones that were overstaying.  Just too early to go back to cold and they knew that nobody was going to complain.