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Veteran Advisor

Re: the truth of the matter is

Now THAT'S funny!


I realize on the internet, it is hard to tell when someone is being dead serious, or going tongue in cheek, so I try not to take things to seriously. 

Really, I don't think business-wise I would do much different than Mr. K, and I hope when I retire I'm half the success he appears to be.  I think the biggest difference between us would be that I think the Federal government should be minimalist, while still providing proper protections to average citizens, and ensuring a level playing field, and he seems to want more government, rather than less.

When it comes down to brass tacks, I think we all tend to watch out for #1.  I just admit it more freely.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: the truth of the matter is

I thought it was that expensive beer it's Bud Light?


Went through Iowa this last week...bought a shop trailer down in Illinois and pulled it home along the border...old highway 52....beautiful scenery. May have to take a trip down that road in the summer just for the views.


Went through small towns, and enjoyed the drive.