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As an owner of multiple guns

I found the numbers in here interesting: Only 4-5 million? I thought it would be many multiple times that.
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Re: As an owner of multiple guns

I know exactly what the left is trying to pull here, they are trying to disunite the ranks of the NRA`s membership by saying "hey you NRA members that only own 1 pheasant shotgun..the NRA doesn`t represent you!!"  Well, I got news for the left, the members of the NRA and even some non-gun owners aren`t that stupid. 


They recognize that gun confiscation is what`s at stake here, the left won`t stop at mean looking Uzis and AKs.  Because what happens on the day when one of these mass shooters is really serious about doing alot of damage, he would forget the AKs and holding a handgun sideways and wasting time asking if someone is a Christian before blowing them away.  A seriously evil person would buy a double-barreled pheasant gun, saw off the barrels and have a fanny pack full of 00 buck shells.  There would be less chance of malfunction and it would be the worst terrible that anyone has ever seen.  And the left would be out the next day talking about banning pheasant guns.


I talked to a older lady from Klemme the other day, she`s never owned or fired a gun in her life, but she totally supports the 2nd Amendment, because knowing that her neighbors are armed and responible, that is a deterent to criminals in her small community where the sheriff is a 1/2 hour away and would be called after the crime had been committed.


The aspect that`s missing is the deterrent to crime that having a armed citizenship creates.  Without legal gunowners, some of these small towns would turn into "Mad Max"., "The Walking Dead" or whatever senario that involves the most sadistic, unlawfull criminals running the community.

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Re: As an owner of multiple guns

And that is why Canada has a lower crime rate?


Wait a minute Canada has laws about who can own a gun AND fewer guns.


Dang it hurts when actual stats do not back up your belief in guns.


They found no evidence that states with more households with guns led to timid criminals. In fact, firearm assaults were 6.8 times more common in states with the most guns versus states with the least. Firearm robbery increased with every increase in gun ownership except in the very highest quintile of gun-owning states (the difference in that cluster was not statistically significant). Firearm homicide was 2.8 times more common in states with the most guns versus states with the least. [Private Gun Ownership in the US (Infographic)]

The researchers were able to test whether criminals were simply trading out other weapons for guns, at least in the case of homicide. They weren't. Overall homicide rates were just over 2 times higher in the most gun-owning states, meaning that gun ownership correlated with higher rates of all homicides, not just homicide with a gun. The results will be published in a forthcoming issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

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Re: As an owner of multiple guns

Canada and the US are apples & oranges, different demographics, the cold keeps some riff-raff out if you will.  But people in Canada do have guns...probably more than you`d want to see Canuck, but Canada isn`t exactly a "gun free zone".


liability insurance for gun owners

as suggested elsewhere.


Probably not to be mandatory but as an effet of adjusting the tort system for severe financial libility should their gun cause unjust harm.


Makes a lot of sense. Market would adjust premia for measures such as gun safes, number and lethaility; claim experience.


As I've said, my biggest fear is getting shot by "good" people who are carrying as in yesterday's case in MI where a woman pulled out her licensed handgun and tried to shoot the tires out from under a fleeing shoplifter at a Home Depot.


On the other hand had she blown a kids head off by accident I suppose the insurance would pay rather than her lose everything.


BTW, I assume that my $2M liability unbrella would cover me for any act of negligence that I'd commit with a firearm assuming it isn't in the act of committing a crime. Which wouldn't make me feel any better about harming anyone.




the story


And FWIW, I'm 100% certain that the majority of folks out here carrying are closer to Naked Gun than they are to Dirty Harry.

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Re: liability insurance for gun owners

The idea is just more left wing gun grabbing crud.


Make it mandatory to carry some sort of gun insurance and then the government will dictate what it covers and how much you have to have making it as affordable as health care has become.


You're a sneaky bunch of liars.

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Question BA

You said, "Without legal gunowners, some of these small towns would turn into "Mad Max"., "The Walking Dead" or whatever senario that involves the most sadistic, unlawfull criminals running the community."


I am wondering how this would happen, or could it just be that you are exaggerating just a wee bit? Would law enforcement leave as well? What kind of people compose these communities that the absence of a few firearms would cause such a terrible change?

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Re: liability insurance for gun owners

Are you arguijg that automobile isurance or liability insurance is too much of a burden for policy holders. I most certainly would require gun owners to keep their firearms properly insured. You shouldn't loan your firearm to anybody unless you are willing to accept  responsibility to keep it properly secured.


If somebody steals my car out of the garage and kills or injures someone with it, do you assume that the victim will not come calling. For certain his insurance co will.


It's not about punishing gun owners. It is about gunowners keeping their firearms secure. If someone has your firearm, you have not kept it properly secured.


Re: liability insurance for gun owners

Rights without responsibility.


That's what's wrong with the younger generation.