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Senior Advisor

As expected

the base is foaming at the mouth, but there's no indication Dennison helped himself and some that he hurt himself a little. Almost everybody is locked in, and I suspect that even includes most of the "undecideds" who are just having fun being coy. Even allowing that this group probably breaks to Dennison 2:1, it still doesn't get him there.

I think that in the 6% or so who aren't either Biden or Dennison, probably 3 go third party and Dennison picks up net 1.

Cue Jen- now he really can't win without cheating.

What last night proved is that he will, right up to the hour of the inauguration.

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: As expected

I think Trump will be re elected, but I could be wrong and it is very possible that Biden will win fair & square....ask me December 8th  🙂 

To say "Republicans can`t win without lying" is actually textbook case of "sour grapes" in this political atmosphere it`s dangerous and a veiled threat that violence will be justified and assured at anything less than a Democrat sweep in the coming election.


Senior Advisor

Re: As expected

Now that there is funny.