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As the Fourth Turning

proceeds apace.


Trump has Presidential immunity on other crimes as long as he's in office so nothing but conviction on Articles of Impeachment or a 25th Amendment coup* are going to remove him before 2020. That's only going to happen when the GOP caucus sees certain electoral doom, which by definition will be too late for them. 


So we're likely entering into a period of unprecedented governmental paralysis after the 2018 midterms.


Meanwhile, since 2016 there will have been 16 million folks headed off to their rewards and 24 million new ones eligible to vote. The Trump 40 won't shrink a lot other than natural attrition but there will be an enthusiasm gap working against them both ways, making a difficult position into a disaster.


Hard telling what sort of hardships will have presented themselves en route but The Turning will arrive on schedule around 2020.


*you do have wonder about the mental and physical resiliency of an obese 70 year old under ever increasing stress, though. 

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presidential immunity

just means the POTUS can't be tried for a crime while in office.


It doesn't mean that he can suppress evidence in a criminal inquiry that he happens to have "an acute interest" in.


Palmer is often right

but wrong enough of the time that there's material that can be used to discredit him.


But he may have been right regarding the reason that SDNY AG Berman apparently recused himself from the Cohen case some while ago. That might be that Berman is a former law partner of Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani's recent announcement of an amicable divorce with a 50/50 asset split does provide some support to the notion that Mueller has already flipped Rudy.


Re: Palmer is often right

Will be interesting if there is a stop

point. Where it becomes ‘enough is enough’.


People have been asking here where the charges are. 


I don’t think there is an end date other than, I suppose, some statutes of limitations.  All we have then while the out to get him crowd pees themselves in anticipation is what’s left of our democratic system and elections.


And more stuff to look in to.


Re: As the Fourth Turning

Short of evidence of full blown collusion with a clear quid pro quo I don’t see the GOP caucus or the 40 turning on him.

Do think that Comey’s instinct is correct- best done electorally although I you have to be nervous about what all happens in the meanwhile.

I could see him checking with Pence to see if he could get a Ford style pardon for all things present and past “for the good of the country”

My off the cuff take on that is that it would turn out worse than it did for Ford.
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history rhymes

But a concise truism does sell many books to the semi-erudite.

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Re: Palmer is often right

Pretty much looks like you guys are not going to get your way so why not just end it and end the suffering.