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As the dust settles on the debate

you'd have to conclude that Pence did a pretty decent job as far as running for Pres in 2020.


As far as Trump's running mate, maybe not so much.


The distinction would be lost of most of the faithful since with Pence basically doing a less creepy version of Ted Cruz it falls right in their wheelhouse anyway.


For many, Trump just channels their anger, it has little to do with policy specifics. And I think that a lot believe that a Trump administration would look a lot more like Pence anyway.


On that I really have no idea what to expect, other than to note that a lot of what Trump says off the cuff won't get much better support from Congress than Obama did.

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: As the dust settles on the debate

Well Nox, my first snarky response would be "don`t you know, the POTUS isn`t just a single branch of government anymore, the person that wins that office is a dictator, can rule with executive orders?".


If Trump does win, he will have a mandate, I assume that if Trump wins the GOP will also pick up House and Senate seats as well.  A GOP congressman...errr person will get angry emails and visits from the "torch & pitchfork crowd" the GOP should have at least a slight majority and the pitchfork tines poking them in the hinder, prodding them to at least give President Trump a chance.   Democrats and the media will continue to undermine Trump at every chance...what`s new?  


But I`ll say again the 401K card will be played, countries under the NWO thumb will embargo us...just like we did to the soverign nation of South Africa in the late 80`s, the fed will punish us "petulant children" for daring to oppose globalism.  But, do us turkeys want our heads chopped off the day before Thanksgiving or 2 days before Thanksgiving?  In probably really doesn`t matter in the scheme of things, although, I`d perfer to have the crash come while I still legally own my .30 `06 and a few bullets rather than a unconstitutional witch confiscating it and melting it down for ice skates..

bruce MN

Re: As the dust settles on the debate