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Ask Mike Rowe about this.

'He pulled the wool over our eyes': Workers blame Trump for moving jobs overseas

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Re: Ask Mike Rowe about this.

"GE moving to India"...they`re already there and this supposed latest move was a long  time coming, note the December 2016 date of the article, the `gro was still president.   Trump`s answer is to tariff GE products coming in this country....well, does anyone have a better or even any alternate answer to the 3 decade old problem of off-shoring???  


What does General Electric see in India?

General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt is betting that, after several missed targets and timelines, it's finally payback time for the American conglomerate's century-old India business


New Delhi: For Jeff Immelt, the 60-year-old chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of General Electric Co. (GE), the world’s largest manufacturing company, India has always been a bit of a puzzle. The individual bits have been all too visible, but try as it might, GE just couldn’t slot them all satisfactorily.

But that may be changing as the company finds its second wind in a resurgent Indian market and pieces of the jigsaw—scale, a relevant portfolio and sheer momentum—finally fall into place.

Immelt was selling refrigerators in India in the 1980s as Jack Welch, the celebrated business leader and Immelt’s predecessor, thought India could be a great consumer market for GE. More than 30 years later, GE is not in the consumer space in the country and, on hindsight, selling refrigerators turned out to be “horrible idea", Immelt admits.

In the 1990s, the American firm was trying to build GE Capital in India, and Immelt describes trying to make a go of the finance business in an India that was still opening up as “brutal and horrible". But, as an off-shoot, GE did get into business process outsourcing (BPO) under GE Capital, which became Genpact—India’s largest BPO company. “So, it’s amazing... You have to continue to stretch your brain in terms of what the country can be," Immelt told Mint on a recent visit, adding that GE believes India is on the cusp of seeing exponential growth and his company has put in place the building blocks to gain the most out of it.   



Ross Perot, a guy that I voted for both times that he ran, would`ve zapped this stuff in the bud 25 years ago when there was still time to`ve done something about it.  The mess that Trump willingly inherited has become institutional and after 3 decades won`t be unwound as easily as it was tangled.   All the damned Democrats and 1/4th of the stupid Republicans are against Trump fixing things.   Yup, look at their donors and see it as it is.



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Re: Ask Mike Rowe about this.

It’s not just GE. 

Read the statistics further down and tell me he is totally innocent. He bellowed at the roof tops how he would stop it but in fact did nothing.