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bruce MN

At least Dennison got us out of Syria

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Re: At least Dennison got us out of Syria

That should make you and the rest of the war-hawks extremely happy.  Except you read into that what you wanted.   

I'm still sticking with I want our troops brought out of Syria as soon as possible.  We never should have been there, and Obama/Hillary never should have armed ISIS.  

The goals of wanting ISIS defeated have not changed.  The conditions have.  What has changed is actually that the Kurds have brokered a deal with Syria which will hold Turkey at bay.   The cease fire is on shaky grounds, yet far more than was ever done by the last administration that created the mess.

And a peace deal was just brokered Yemen.  Other countries in the area are in talks.  And all your propagandists do is ignore it.

Senior Contributor


Timelines can sure be interesting..

The President arranges a cease fire and announces withdraw from Syria.


Pelosi makes secret trip to middle east...


Next thing you know, ISIS leader is located and killed within a week....


Just happenstance I'm sure...