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Re: Autism Awareness.

Bad ear, you are the biggest hypocritical liar on here bar none!!
BA Deere
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Re: Autism Awareness.

How many times will I be required to REPEAT to you that 36 vaccinations are recomended by the time a child is 6 years of age???????????????????????????????????????????????????? NOT in a single visit!




i`ll also REPEAT that certain vaccinines need a booster you know what a booster shot is????????????????????????????????????????????   Some vaccines like the flu shot are required once or twice each year.



The majority of the population probably can handle the childhood 36 shots with no problems, but a certain segment of children have bad reactions. That is why each parent has to responsibly weigh the risks and bennefits of EACH vaccine, not just pad Big Pharma`s pockets.


There are settlements for vaccine reactions.  Big pharma cuts a $1 million check and says "Yeah, your kid has 20 IQ points shaven off, here`s a million bucks, now shut up or you`ll get nothing and we`ll counter sue you!!".



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Re: Autism Awareness.

Forgive him BA, he has Gruberism....too bad there's not a shot for that.


Re: Autism Awareness.

I wasn't talking about clothing.


just look at what foods and beverages are packaged in now, and since the time of the mid 70's........ plastic. 

just a few examples ; Bacon, ketchup, mustard, syrup, milk, water, soda pop, gatorade, tomatoe sauce, baby food, the Thanksgiving turkey, the Christmas ham.....the list is endless.  


When I was a kid, it was either fresh, or in a glass container, or a metal can.


The other part of it, just think about it, I was geting at the point that the scientific community knows more now, as is always the case, as we progress through life......... they have more info now, more know how, better methods. Think of it this way...... way back when alot of people died of cancer, but they didn't call it cancer, they didn't know what it was, they just knew the person died of a disease and the patient just kind of wasted away, slowly in alot of cases.

Fast forward to now, they treat it much different and they know what it is. 


In the end, who knows, not me, I'm not a scientisit or doctor that works on it every day.