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Autism....No vaccines no autism  This doctor has had 35000 patients that haven't been vaccinated and they have no autism.  The vacinated rate is 1 for every 160 infants.  Big government in bed with big pharmaceutical gives us big problems.

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Re: Autism....No vaccines no autism

belarus; that link looks like a sales job for vitamin D. That is the vitamin that we can all produce ourselves just by getting out in the sun.

Is there any scientific evidence on the site, I did not find it and so gave up looking.

Try this site for info on vaccinations and risks.

Some people believe that there is a link between childhood vaccinations and autism. This is a very difficult thing to prove and so far, there is no evidence that any vaccine causes autism. In fact, recent studies indicate that autism rates continue to rise in the United States, despite the fact that the purported cause of autism in vaccines — a mercury-containing preservative called thimerosal — has been removed from most all child vaccines.

Some people feel like it is not important to be vaccinated against these diseases because many of them are now rare in the Western world (thanks to vaccinations). The problem with this point of view is that if people stop getting immunized, the entire population will be placed at greater risk of contracting these diseases that are now uncommon. The more people who are not vaccinated, the greater the likelihood of a resurgence of one or more of the diseases that are currently considered to be “under control.” Thus, it is important to be immunized not just to keep yourself healthy, but also to help maintain the immunity of the entire community.