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Avenatti asks Dershowitz


the musical question- "what happened to you?"


Seems highly likely that he was compromised by Mossad blackmail artists Epstein and Maxwell and has no choice.


Current and a past POTUS* also compromised.


It is understandable if you haven't noticed one consistent theme within the constant firehose of Krazy- 50 years' of trying to at least pay lip service to a reasonable ME peace is being rolled up and a permanent apartheid ehtno-state established.


Thumper Nation an integral bunch of stooges there too.



*out of the frying pan into the fire

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Re: Avenatti asks Dershowitz

Giuliani is also compromised by somebody, somewhere, some way.


Unlikely that he wanted his legacy to be as a stumbling doofus, adding additional confusion and chaos to the situation.


Even if it is sometimes effective as a diversion.

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Re: Avenatti asks Dershowitz

Creepy porn lawyer is a sicko. If you ever watched you would know Dershowitz often disagrees with the Fox host and often critical of GOP. He is a liberal but one of the few honest ones who isn’t afraid to call his own out which disqualifies him for other networks.