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Aviation expert's analysis of the air campaign

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Re: Aviation expert's analysis of the air campaign

Thanks for the excellent links John.  I'm surprised how detailed the info is and how much these aviation and communication junkies can learn by monitoring various communication networks and radio frequencies.  Also interesting how the military uses alternet call signals for aircraft to try and disguise which aircraft are involved.

I see on TV where the U.S. fired over a hundred cruise missiles the first couple of days while the U.K. had only fired a couple yet it was a U.K. missile that hit Qaddafi's bunker.  That seemed odd and I have to think it was not done by accident. 



Seems like an awful lot of cruise missiles to hit around 20 Libyan air defense sites especially when they cruise missiles are suppose to be so accurate.  I'm wondering if many were targeting harden underground bunkers requiring more fire power to destroy. 



I see the stock price for General Dynamics the maker of U.S. cruise missiles is going up. 


Re: Aviation expert's analysis of the air campaign

  The internet coverage of world events is progressing every day, does Aljazeera's and it's blogs have any peers?    Totally fascinating, it is so much easier to compare news stories and sources it makes propagandist's job almost impossible, unless one wishes to be misinformed, unfortunately that includes to the DvsR ostrichs.