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bruce MN

BA. Re: that Democrat you woke up

Next to this morning. Where would she be on this:
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BA Deere
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Re: BA. Re: that Democrat you woke up

Bruce, my Wife voted for Obama twice, she will not vote for Hillary no way no how.  She absolutely can`t stand Trump or Cruz if she knew who he is.  She supported Bernie, but it was a teachable moment  when we owed $20,000 more in taxes than we had had in the checking account, so she got to visit the banker with, Bernie no so much!


I could see my Wife voting for Kasich, but that would be about it.  She`s a Democrat, but on many issues she`s conservative she doesn`t want our border overrun, after 25 years banging a certifiable Gun nut she sees that I`m a harmless fuzzball and can`t understand why Democrats would want to take my Guns.  She feels safe because out here it might take a deputy or the Sheriff 45 minutes to get out here.  She works in healthcare and sees firsthand the extreme failure of Obamacare.


I think the reason she is a Democrat is about 3 dealbreaker issues.  Although she could never personally have a abortion, she is very pro-choice, I think it`s from being raised by a "bra burner" feminist that`s to the left of the tv character Maude.  Also homosexual "rights" we have gay friends and she wants them to have everything they ask for simply because they are "cool".  And educational issues, she thinks Democrats are more pro-education.


Those issues are as passionate with her as Guns are with me or social security is with Don or the NFO is with GTO.  They a litmus test issues with her, but she likes Guns and doesn`t like taxes or people that are looking for free stuff.

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Re: BA. Re: that Democrat you woke up

It's no wonder that she doesn't understand why Dems would want to take your guns---it's because they don't!  Must be really nice to have to pay that much income tax!  I just get a little over that much a year!  I guess now I understand why you are such a jerk when it comes to cutting loopholes for the rich!