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BA - Trump's Tatler Recanting

It's been one bad day for BA. He was really quick to come on here, to say there was proof that Obama had wire tapped Trump Tower.

And now, it appears, that Mr Nunes has recanted what he said. Is there no end in sight to the lies and deception on the part of this administration.

I guess when the boss shows anything goes, then subordinates can also do whatever they want.....

Tick Tick....BONG!!!!

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Senior Contributor

Re: BA - Trump's Tatler Recanting



He has resorted to his go to meme  of Mexicans taking Billions and Trillions of dollars from good kindly white people.

Some even have the nerve to birth brown babies on US soil!!! ( insert OMG!!  here ) Failing to mention that Most of the SW US was their land to start with.


He, like his orange leader - has no cred.