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Re: BA head for the storm celler

Not to worry Cheapo, ba and craigy are here to save the day! These two giants of everything magnificent will get everything under control very soon--trump will soon issue another EO making them in charge. Craigy's Eagle Scout will mobilize ALL those scouts to "boo" Obama and everything he did as president. Not sure what ba's mission will be other than it will be YUGE and very bigly, the most bigly ever, believe me!
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Re: BA head for the storm celler

Years ago there was an ad for a chip company....
It started like " I yi yi I'm the free bandito"
Kind of how I am starting to feel about it.

First ba....I didn't talk to the insurance division about
Much of was FB.....

I'm not that stupid

We here had Coventry.....and no it's not a group maybe for you janitors it might
Be different.

Well what happened here is first fb and bcbs don't
Get to being a mutual co
The pass the savings on to it's owners (policy owners)
They do not allow a mark up so FB they will
Not write. They then went with Coventry....well
Then Coventry pulled out.... according to farm bureau,
And they told all their customers there was no options
Left....thousands were dropped in a learch....that's
Not true....first Coventry didn't totally pull out,
I went to a broker got it.....FB told me I'm wrong....
Care to see my card ?

I also to the hq they needed to contact Medica....
They never heard of them....funny insurance commission office told me about them......with
All it's people FB didn't know and didn't believe.

So FB in our state does not even sell health insurance
For several years now

Yep....really try to help it's members.

The fair program...again it was membership side.

You brag how you pick the reps...on many of the
Above, call those that you support....tell them
Time to return the favor
BA Deere
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Re: BA head for the storm celler

I`m still not getting what you expect the Farm Bureau to do that would take your $2,000/month premium down to $50 or whatever?   Look, this whole cost of healthcare has exploded since 2010, people with Cadillac plans have went to hell, the fact that insurance companies are running AWAY from the states.   Insurance companies are in business to DO BUSINESS, believe me, they don`t have "torturing ElCheapo" in their mission statement, they would love to sell EVERYONE a lot of insurance.


But blaming Farm Bureau is ludicrous, the best car dealer in the world might sell Fords, well if the cars fall apart on the road is it the dealer`s fault or Ford`s fault for making a crappy product.  Well, maybe the dealer sends back too many cars to Ford and drops them as a dealer....well?   Farm Bureau is just underwriting the policies.


Veteran Advisor

Re: BA head for the storm celler

Here is what I would suggest FB do..........rather than point and say how wrong I am.


1. in at least this state, sponsor and lobby for a change in the administrative low, in the dept of labor. Strike out that an organization can not

    be formed or used, for the soul purpose of insurance.  This is simple, a couple people in the house or senate could sponsor this, should

    not be much push back on anyones interest, and if so, all of those people that FB sponsored in the election, be reminded that not

    supporting this, will hurt Kansas farm families and others, not allowing them to start a group plan (other than employement or company)

    this would be membership..........and since healthcare is so important to rural people, they may remember who didn't support this.


2.  After this is done and passed, FB or others could form a group.  FB isn't really not wanting to, at least the insurance side, due that

     there isn't much profit, they will have to act as plan administrators, really in that respect, you don't even need an agent to write

     the policy for each person, that's what the plan administrator does.......sends out the bills, and take in the money, and reports

     who paid, and here is the check for everyone.


3.  While this will not solve all can would at least give a group a leg to stand on and demand certain things.

      interesting how deductible levels, and some items are covered in a group vs. the indivual market.


4.  granted, rating a rural group could be difficult.......many farmers are now mid aged....not the best thing to have as a group,

     not a lot of younger people, and farming/agriculture is not a safe job. Now since this is membership, we would have to

    open to all, it might be possible that you have to live in a place of less than 15,000 population, etc.......perhaps something

    that would prevent serious ill people, such as cancer, transplants, etc, joining the group, and skew the rate profiles.


there is a old saying, there is safety in numbers, perhaps this is the same. 


With the above the FB could start a conversation with insurance company's and see what they could come out with.

I was told by one group we talked with, the sweet spot for a group is about 800 people., and usually, the more the



so there BA.......that's a plan for you.......couldn't even FB do something as simple as above ?


really not that much work is it ?


court ajourned

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Re: BA head for the storm celler

Here is another one for you BA......the FAIR program


if you note, it covers rural property, and covers all commercial property in stuff anymore is consider commercial.

you'll also note it mentions fire class 10, which is most of rural America.


now I will say this, you folks in iowa are lucky, you have this, and i'm not so proud to say that perhaps your FB up there

made sure that was added................but down here...................


I brought this up to regional director.......he hadn't a clue, told him in ks we had FAIR, but didn't cover rural property......

oh he was going to get right on it........let's see, that's been 3 years ago.....nothing introduced, etc.


again, action plan for FB


1.  there is already an existing law

2.  amend it to include farm, rural, commercial property

3.  as noted it is a program that has very little state involvement, mainly industry, so no cost to state, so should be

     easy to pass.



I do notice in iowa you have wellpoint..........but here, FB does not even offer health insurance......why, the carrier division.....

so who are we formed to support......the carrier (agents), or the members.......I ask this exact question, and was told

"it's complicated".......I said its not, if it is something that does not benefit the members, you get rid of it....other states

have found different carriers.


so BA, you folks up there might be trying.........the bozo's down here don't even know where the circus tent is.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: BA head for the storm celler

ElCheapo, I am by far an expert on insurance, but it seems to me that is just reshuffling the deck chairs, the real problem is healthcare costs.  They could do a study on how much "savings" in an insurance pool and given that the average age of a farmer is 59, well they are 7,8 years away from dumping private coverage and going on Medicare.  And if your customer base is 59yr old and you`re insuring they health???   That does not sound like a good ROI.   If buying in a pool saves maybe 10%, well we`ve seen  20% to 60% increase in premiums annually .  


Our elected leaders want you to be able to buy insurance across stateliness for more competition, that is what we need, because some states only have one insurance company, well what good is buying in a pool with only one provider?

Senior Advisor

Re: BA head for the storm celler

On the other hand, a 59 year-old who has been fully insured since age 22 has been paying insurance premiums for 37 years.  If that person has had no significant health problems, it is quite likely that the person could have invested that same premium money and accumulated potentially in excess of $1 million by now, in addition to returns from other endeavors.  So, for a 59 year-old healthy person who has been paying insurance premiums (instead of investing that money) for all those years, is it fair now to really stick it to them for several years just because they are now more likely to start actually using their insurance?


Regarding actual health care costs in general, yes, they need to be brought under control.  Nobody seems to really be addressing this.


Understand what Cheapo is saying, yet might be difficult to achieve critical mass in a "farmer-group" without crossing state lines and/or involving a major farm organization.


Unfortunately, the health insurance debacle likely won't be resolved without starting over, leveling the playing field, eliminating disparities, etc., while reducing the groupings in order to maximize the group.  It is too late to roll-back to pre-Obamacare without serious disruptions and chaos.  Obamacare created insurance for uninsured and previous uninsurables, while also mortally wounding the private individual market for health insurance.  Health insurance as we've known it, including Obamacare and whatever the Republicans are discussing, will not be long-term workable and affordable, especially if health care costs are not somehow brought under control.  Single payer (similar to Medicare), or a private/public partnership (federally standardized coverages and policies sold by insurance companies), become the logical progression, but won't be affordable without broad participation, perhaps even mandated, perhaps even by eliminating employer-based health insurance coverages.

BA Deere
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Re: BA head for the storm celler

The only one addressing healthcare COSTS is ironically President Trump, by stopping illegal border crossings by 70%. Obamacare raising healthcare COSTS and doubled insurance.


The trouble is I fear too many have taken insurance costs out of their budgets with Obamacare.   Oh I know it ain`t fun month after month writing out insurance bills, especially the younger you are, so when cost SHIFTING takes place and some have been given a benefit, it`s going to be a killer to give that up and start writing checks again,  Johnathan Gruber knew this.  Everyone is going to have to pay their share for insurance and visits or healthcare COSTS will only be shifted.   But that is okay with millions of Americans it seems.

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Re: BA head for the storm celler

Is it fair that a 59 year old who has been healthy his whole life has to pay the same premium as a 59 year old diabetic who has used 10 of 1,000s in medical cost?

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Re: BA head for the storm celler

Not the same premium in my opinion 3020, yet chances are that the diabetic didn't choose to be so, could have simply been the roll of the genetic dice.  Some people stay reasonably healthy until quite late in life, some experience problems at much younger ages.  There could still be reasonable limited variations in premiums based on health history/experience, and/or private supplemental policies.  I don't really know how this has been done currently nor in the past, since this is not yet part of my own personal experience.  On the other hand, I also don't personally agree with some of the discount variations given to family plans/employer plans/group plans -- we all individually go to the same doctors, clinics and hospitals and experience reasonably similar problems and mishaps, although some lives/professions are more risky than others.  


If a person stayed healthy and uninsured their entire adult lives up to age 59, as a new insured, should they now pay the same premium as one who stay healthy and insured their entire adult lives up to age 59?