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bruce MN
Advisor the 2%

Serious question, as it confounds me as it does you. If the % of sexual and gender non-hetero, non-birth gender is that low (I have no idea if 2% is right, but it is certainly quite low) why are company after company and organization after organization taking these highly publicized stands?
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Re: the 2%

that's a good question. The answer is because the media project their voice so loudly.
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Re: the 2%

Well Bruce, heh heh heh people`s minds have been molded in universities after 50 years of that it finally has taken a toll.   I was thinking the other day about a guidance counselor a liberal in the early 80`s told my class about the changing attitudes at that time, he said "I used to hear kids call each other a `woman` and that was the worst thing that one boy could call another I haven`t seen that in years" ..that`s probably a good thing that kids don`t call each other a "woman" and we used to call Dodge ball, "Smear the queer".


But it`s a conspiracy to bring the country down, once America fails the rest of the world is gone. The Kaiser, Stalin, Hitler Mao, Castro all would`ve made the world their bitch, were it not for the United States.  You don`t have to believe my conspiracy just look at the direction of the way things are going and see it as it is.  Race riots, immigration, free trade, gay "rights" all polarize the country.


I used to have good conversations with gays that I counted as friends, but the last couple years they are leaning militant to the point that I`d rather not be around them.  perhaps they always had that animosity boiling under the surface and only now have became emboldened to express it.  At any rate the polarization is making it dificult to remain firends.


2% sounds high but about right to include those "deep in the closet"  there are pockets in SF or the "Village" with 50% gays but it`s a small dot in as big as this country is.  The "Kinsey sex trials" is what is still deceiving to this day. Kinsey said "if anyone ever had a sexual deviant dream or thought, they are gay or bi" ..well if someone had a dream that they could fly, would that make them Superman? ..and no I`ve never had a deviant sex dream  Smiley Happy  

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Re: the 2%



It doesn't matter if it's only 0.3%.


The Declaration doesn't say "99.7% of men are created equal."



You are a loud and proud bigot.

Come out and admit it, they even have secret clubs you can join.