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BA......simply FWIW

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BA Deere
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Re: BA......simply FWIW

Well, there`s alot of truth in that blog. But, I`m not smart, I didn`t get good marks in school.  Now my Son, everything comes easy to him, the world is his oyster.  And I have to subtlety remind him that when things naturally come easy to you, a person tends to not thinks things through on your own, but rather parrot what the "smartest person in the room tells you" (garbage in garbage out).  What we find is that the person that wrote the text book might be evil and only want to make a clone of their own bankrupt ideology. 


Sometimes, not being smart and having to think a moment longer is a blessing.  If you`re a cashier and someone buys a $1 pack of gum and hands you a $20..if the cash register says you owe him "$190 in change" sometimes it`s good to think for yourself  🙂