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Senior Contributor

BBC where trump went wrong


In the hours after the bill died, social media buzzed with criticisms of how the Trump administration handled - or, rather, mishandled - the legislative push.

Maybe Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke shouldn't have threatened Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski - an early no vote - with political retribution and cuts to federal funding to her home state.

The senator had won re-election in 2010 as an independent write-in candidate after losing to a grass-roots conservative in the Republican primary. She was probably immune to angry Trump tweets or warnings of populist uprisings among her base.

Maybe Susan Collins of Maine, the lone Republican to vote against Obamacare repeal back in 2015 when it was a symbolic effort, should have been brought into Senate legislative negotiations from the beginning, rather than shrugged off as an unneeded vote.

Perhaps Mr Trump's tweet that Mr McCain was an American hero when he flew to Washington after brain surgery to vote on the healthcare bill wasn't enough to outweigh the time, two years ago, when candidate Trump questioned the Arizona senator's military heroism.