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Senior Advisor


Dennison has not in any way, shape or form deconstructed the administrative state*. He has merely placed a fair number of his henchmen into it.

*generally the original definition of the Deep State,. i.e., professionals across government who do their jobs and thus tend to frustrate people who,  like the BTO's who run for school board or county council cuz' they know how to fix everything but then quit when they find out they don't. The intelligence apparatus is sorta part of that (the sinister Deep State) but the same is true. Few of Our Regulars would have any problem with the methods they claim ourage over being turned on their "socialist" enemies.

Exhibit 1- Bill Barr.

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bruce MN


Ha. We’ve got the poster child for that here on this board.

To read him you’d think he was on the inside in the GQP apparatus state wide, but when I’ve asked people I know well in his County unit they say they’ve never heard of the guy.