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A thoughtful piece. It is true, partisanship aside, that the torture report is more than ample evidence that after 70 years on continuous war footing we have lost our national soul.


He doesn't go too far into his regular theme but bears repeating- it is all true particularly in an age where the citizen is pretty well insulated from bearing any of the price of war. It is particularly galling to hear all the war and torture whoops from people who haven't even had to pay for it.


He also lobs a deserved shot at Feinstein- she also knew full well what was going on just as the adminstration did, all the way to the top.


So let's just go home. We can frack for a while, let the Israelis and Saudis deal with their own mess. Let China play with imperial designs and drown in their own bucket of **bleep**.


Lets just be a big warmer Canada.