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Bad for business

Dow down 270 during the christmas shopping season probably more than offsets any salutary effect from ower gas prices. Torture doesn't do a lot for the sicial mood either.


Let's have 'er out, Dow 3000.  Justice, even if the world falls down.

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BA Deere
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Re: Bad for business

It`s kind of funny actually.  About 10-12 yrs ago they (me included) thought if gas rose to $2 it would kill the economy, now we worry that if gas falls to $2 it will "kill the economy".


It seemed when this country still had factories, the cheap fuel kept things going.  Now with a more "service based" economy, cheap fuel for some reason is seen as more of a drag than a boost.



If the Dow drops, the fed will have an excuse to implement QE-IV.   The Dow is all they got, even if the economic activity is mostly companies buying their own stock and the "plunge team" buying.