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Bad guy with a knife meets good girl with a gun

The gun out the woman on equal footing as the guy.



One person is dead and a second is under arrest after a robbery early Friday morning in Autauga Countyin which the homeowner fired shots.

Authorities say 18-year-old Marbury resident Mikel Steven Smith of Marbury was killed when he tried to force his way into a home overnight in the Booth community.

According to Autauga County Chief Deputy Joe Sedinger, Smith was armed with a knife when he tried to break into the home on County Road 81. Sedinger said the female homeowner feared for her safety, and for that of her niece, when she fired several shots at the intruder.

"He knocked on the door and tried to gain entrance by saying he needed help that he was broke down," Sedinger explained. "When she came to the door, he pushed the door open. She said when he came in her house with the knife, she shot him."