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Bagger and Winger's conundrum

Too much govt.....too much regulation.


So how to criticize an administration for not doing something quickly and surgically enough, when you are part of a movement that has been saying for saying for 30 years was exceedingly oppressive, or wasn't needed at all?


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Re: Bagger and Winger's conundrum

There are needed regulations and then there are regulations with the only purpose of hindering production. I`m not acquainted with oil drilling regs but on the farm here`s some good regulations. Banning burning in a dry fall, a brush fire out of hand could destroy every cornfield in the township, Filling a sprayer away from water wells, using proper chains and loadbinders on trailers. And here`s some stupid regs, inspecting grain trucks, seatbelt law, no hauling manure on frozen ground, no tiling wetlands(where the bleep else are you suposed to tile??). See, regulations that protect us from others are good. Regulations that protect us from ourselves are motherbleeping stupid. BP didn`t have regulations that protected us from them. To top it off this administration either doesn`t care or are too incompetent to do anything about this environmental disaster. This is one of the FEW times that gov`t NEEDS to be involved!!

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Re: Bagger and Winger's conundrum

Someone not long ago said that the purpose of government was to provide order. I agree with that statement. On a local level, it is police protection...on a national level, it is a military to protect a country. In between you have courts to work out the gray areas that arise. And you need regulations to provide some sense of economic order, too. We have a complex society, we need more complicated laws and institutions to deal with modern life.


What we don't need is excessive bureaucracy that leads to drafting of EPA rules that would treat a milk spill with the same seriousness as a tanker of oil overturning. The pendulum swings both ways, and right now we are experiencing the counter effects of too loose regulation, brought on by both sides of the two headed monster. We have morons in office that want the government to regulate everything, and still they cannot concede that the existing regulation too often misses the forest for a few trees. We need a return to common sense.


Not every person in the USA will prosper, no matter how we tweak the will have people that through either lack of ability, ambition, or just plain lack of luck fail to ever get ahead. The purpose of government is not to guarantee that anyone makes it in life, but to create a society where order and law rules, and where the possibility of success exists. This is a proven path to a good life for the greatest number, a system that works wherever government gets out of the way and lets individuals enjoy the fruits of their labors.


A giant oil spill in the Gulf that threatens the livelihood and health of millions of Americans is clearly a situation where order has broken down, and is one that calls for  government  to provide a solution....not to idly sit by and expect a company looking after its own interests to address as its paramount task. It is not Obama's fault that an oil rig blew up, he is just the clown in charge of the circus at the time the lions broke out of the cage. Wiser men will have to clean up the mess, and examine what kind of lions we keep caged up in the future. If we don't have the ability to control these pipes at these depths, we should not be drilling in these situations.



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Re: Necessary regulations

BA, what you consider 'stupid regs' are not all stupid from others viewpoint and that is the difference, where you are sitting.

Inspecting grain trucks, not stupid, necessary! Brought on by stupid farmers who drove totaly unsafe trucks on the roads. I am old enough to have seen some of them before safeties were required in Ontario. Lucky I was never in front of one when it needed to stop in a hurry or the one that split its side on the road dumping the grain on the shoulder. They are necessary.

Enough wetlands drained around here.

Lots of crop land that needs tile to produce the best crop, have a little of my own that could be retiled as the now 40 year old job is just not up to snuff any more.

Yes we can probably find a few that could be rewritten or even removed but most have a reason. Often the reason was some other farmer who created the 'reason' in the past so now we all have to put up with it.

I believe BP worked under regs from the previous admin. Now you want to lay all the blame on the present admin. who have to clean up the mess from the last bunch.

Try not to be so biased to one party and you will see how there is lots of blame to go around.

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Re: Necessary regulations

Hey Canuck, there have been plenty of Democrats in power, you could say BP was opperating under "Clinton approved regulations".  I know Obama didn`t cause the problem, my critque is in his gross malfeasance and neglect in his lack of handling. If he knew what he was doing, day 1 he would have assembled a team of the brightest minds to keep him abreast of things. One of the head honchos at BP would be in the Whitehouse for a @ss chewing every 3 days....Has he even met with a BP offical yet??? Instead of attending hip hop parties while the tar monster approaching shore, he for once needed to roll up his sleeves and delegate to experts in the drilling  and spillling field. 


Re: Bagger and Winger's conundrum...and conundrum #2

Ronald Reagan surely seems to be God to these people.....


Re:  bagger issue 1.......



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Re: Necessary regulations

No doubt there are some stupid regulations.   My neighbor erected two large hog confinement buildings with underground pits to hold the manure.  When he installed a bathroom in one of the buildings he was forced to put in a septic tank and leach field as opposed to allowing the human waste to drop in the pit full of hog waste.  It will probably take him many years to get the septic tank full enough to ever utilize the leach field.