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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Bama's way vs. Putin's way one enlisted man for five senior Muslim commanders. This will undoubtably deter future kidnappings of Americans once the Muslims realize that is a very unsuccessful tactic (ok , Sarcasm back off)


The Russian way.....if a Russian is kidnapped you find a dozen or so relatives of those that you suppose did the start castrating the men one by one until the Russian is released.


How on earth did the USA get to be such a joke?

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Bama's way vs. Putin's way

I think some Democrats and the mainstream media is scratching their heads over this one. It`s a bad precedent and congress wasn`t even informed.  It`s possible that 0bama broke the law on this, they don`t know for sure because no president has been so boldly stupid before.  

gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Bama's way vs. Putin's way

OK. Another scenario. If he had not traded 5 of those towel headed ratbags for that guy, do you think they would have released him.

I think the guy is worth a million of those ass holes and am pleased Obama got him home. In the end they will all be let out and you will get nothing for that. Very not get at least one guy out alive.

If Obama had done nothing, they shot Beau, then the media found there was the opportunity to trade a terrorist for one of your own, you would tear him apart.

Now stupid Steele tries to interpret it as the POTUS being weak and the reflection on the US as a whole. You are one sick muma and should get treatment. POS. remember that???
Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Bama's way vs. Putin's way

Well, at least McCain got this one right. The RINO may be out to lunch and wrong on most of the issues weighing against America's best interests but at least he was sage enough to recognize a terribly bad precedent, from a terribly bad president.


THe curious thing about this whole incident is how it immediately became a red vs blue issue.....I just heard the story and thought it was a BS move, and only later learned that Bama was trying to use it to score points with his consituency. Obviously, his people love the move...anything that goes against the long term best interests of America is a plus for winning support from the low info crowd.


Why did Jay Carney resign, anyway....did the stench from trying to defend Bama finally get to him?